Self-reflection – discover your inner competence

Until now, the emphasis in the further education of business leaders has been placed on professional skills. The development in the area of inner personality is sadly still neglected in business. Guidelines and other papers document the wished-for change in values – but is this actually put into practice?

New studies demonstrate that managers and companies need to fulfil the following points if they wish to maintain a firm footing in the marketplace of the future:

They must be able to question themselves, their strategies and their companies

They must permit and institutionalise reflection

Companies must learn to be self-critical, to question their own decisions and if required to instigate corrective measures

One must give up being vain and fretful*

*(A mildly altered excerpt from the Karmasin study “Leadership 2010 Values and Business”)

Your self-reflection starts with the resolution to direct your view into yourself, to moderate your step in order to “look into the mirror”. In this manner, self-confidence and belief will build inside you. You will experience an inner strengthening which will become visible to others and your understanding in dealing with other people will grow. This is the start of a long-term and sustainable development in confidence.

The leaders of the future possess a highly developed ability to reflect. They have all knowledge in themselves – it is accessible to them at all times. For you, it is only a question of finding the key. For this purpose, we are here to support you!  

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