Where you stand – starting point for your further development

You have gained the impression that the motivation you once had to jump out of bed in the morning has gone. You sometimes toy with the idea of doing something completely different in life. Before turning your life on its head, it might be worth pausing briefly.

Perhaps the following questions have troubled you lately:

  • Do you sense a certain dissatisfaction recently in your position?
  • Have you been considering whether it would be good for you to do something different?
  • Are there things that you repeatedly delay doing?
  • Have you considered what you would do if you had just a year to live?
  • Have you had the feeling that there is more potential inside you?

A personal analysis of where exactly you stand can provide you with clarity and is the starting point for further decisions – together with your coach.

Stay on your feet – clarify your issues and then act…with your whole heart!

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