Silvia Rosery

Demanding and complex tasks require a high level of management knowhow, long-sightedness and personal reflectional competence. Above all the last of the three points was specially developed with the work of Patricia Coester and the Symbolon method.
The ward heads were given the opportunity to recognise their current position and their development potential. Concurrently, this was compared with my expectations of people in management positions, and corresponding individual supporting measures defined by me. 
Looking back, I can only see the whole process in a positive light. It does require the willingness of all involved to honestly handle possibilities and limits. We see this as having been successful –  I can count on an innovative nursing management, which looks critically at itself and its duties, and recognises substantially more possibilities to act than before the coaching programme with Patricia Coester.
Silvia Rosery, Head of Nursing, Cantonal Hospital Uri


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