“When it happens, then all at once”. Two years of thorough and draining change, both in professional and private spheres, are now behind me. I felt blocked, uprooted and overwhelmed. My life and I had silently changed without my being asked, and I had been involuntarily taken along. Of course this or that detail had at least partly been clear to me. But I was standing before a jumbled-up jigsaw and did not know how to start about putting it back together. 
I needed externally-set positioning to regain firm ground under my feet, and start out again in new directions.
Thus I decided on Symbolon; an intensive, creative, yet playful and thrilling toolbox.
The nice thing about Symbolon is that it does not give marks. There is no right or wrong answer. It comprehensively showed me from differing viewpoints, why I tend to do this or that, where I have gone off track, and how potential variations and alternatives might look. 
Symbolon made me aware of my changed values and preferences. As a result, mountains were moved within me, space opened up and fresh winds started blowing. 
In short, Symbolon helped me to understand. It opened internal and external doors, and introduced orientation and movement into my life.
Symbolon treats us generously and tolerantly. It encourages us to deal with our rough edges and darker sides that we all have, and not to forget to have a good laugh at ourselves now and again.  
Symbolon is not a “one off”, nor a definition of where we stand. It wants to be further used and taken forward.  Even now, months later, I continue to find stimuli which in their now matured form can be “plucked” by me and playfully put into practice. 
I would like to thank Patricia once again very much for introducing me via a secure, personal environment with much human warmth, professionalism, and expert understanding into the inspiring and vibrant Symbolon world. 
S.B., January 2013


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